Monday, April 6, 2009

spring is here

Spring has finally arrived at my house. Everything is in bloom. First to bloom was one of my orchids. This sketch is right out of my sketchbook. It is colored pencil on top of graphite. I didn't want to erase the pencil and am tyring to figure out how to use the pencil so that I can leave it in. Something along the lines of griselle. But colored pencil is a transparent medium so the graphite often changes the intended look. These days, graphite is not a true gray or black tone anyway.

The next one is a sprig of weeping cherry blossoms. I planted a weeping cherry about 10 years ago and now it is just covered in the spring with thousands of pink blossoms. It's one of my favorites in the spring. Butterflies love it. There are often two or three swallowtails on it.

Stay tuned. More sketches are comming. On the list are dogwoods, azaleas and jasmine.

However, first comes the taxes!