Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Blooms

Spring has sprung in my yard.   We've had temperature in the 90's and the pine pollen is everywhere and covering everything.  We call it the "yellow haze".   The good thing is that with the warm temperatures, all of the trees have "let go" all at one time.  So it'll all be over with soon.

My cherry tree is covered in the most beautiful pale pink flowers.  This is a double weeping cherry tree.  I often see my neighbors riding down to my end of the street to take a look in the spring.

Daffodils are blooming.  This is an open corona type.

Grape Hyacinths.  Such great color.

Yes, this is a daffodil.  It's kinda' hard to find these bulbs, but just look at that bloom.

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Kat Haberlack said...

they are all just so lovely!