Friday, May 14, 2010

Red, White and Blue

This is my piece for the Red, White and Blue show that is being hosted by the town of Cary, NC.

This is also the reason that there have not been many blog postings.  This piece took a while and with gardening season too, there just wasn't much time left.  Plus, I didn't think my followers would be too interested in cucumber seeds and chive plants or the woes of tomato diseases.

This is titled "Native Colors" and is about 14 x 18 or so. It is on blue  Tiziano paper.   It'll be framed up in an 18 x 21" frame with a mat opening of 11 x 14.  After the show is over, I plan on framing it in in a larger frame so that more of the background blue paper shows.  It's a "big" image and it needs a lot of background around it.

1 comment:

Carola Angrick Nix said...

Love to action created by all the fringes! Beautiful piece!