Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Garden Veggies

Tomatoes are growing in my  garden.  I have quite a few plants this year - about 15.  My husband got carried away at Lowes.  We are experimenting with container gardening this year.  This tomato and about 25 others are growing in large flower pots or 5 gallon buckets.  All are doing very well.  I have a few plants that may have tomato wilt and if they do, that means that they came that way from the plant nursery.  This big boy might be ripe by the 4th of July.

I found this fellow wondering through the squash plants. She can bring her crew over anytime.  We have to deal with squash bugs and squash borers.  These squash are actually growing in 5 gallon buckets on my deck.  That got them out of the regular garden when the squash borers have had a feast in past years.  But the squash bugs have found them.  Luckily, praying mantis like to eat squash bug eggs.  She is a small mantis  - only about 2 inches.  But with her help, we've managed to get a couple of squash.

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