Sunday, June 26, 2011

Daylily Project

I'm working on documenting my lily garden.  I have around 25 different varieties of day lilies.  That's what happens when you live 3 miles from a day lily farm!  The one on the left is a red spider lily, somewhat different in appearance than the usual day lily form.  It always reminds me of a sunset. 

This is Alabama Jubilee.  It's one of a new breed of day lily that has exceptional strong stems.  It stands up through wind and rain.

I'm also experimenting with the new SoHo colored pencils sold by Jerry's Artarama.  They are somewhat harder than Prismacolors.  They have a nice range of colors, especially in the blues and greens.  These pieces were done completely in the SoHo's. 

This doesn't work well on the gray paper, so it will probably get drawn again on a lighter shade of paper.

And these are seedlings that don't have a name.  I got them at the day lily farm.  The owner told me that they were seedlings from some crosses he had made and as such, didn't have a name.  But I like them, especially with the white edges.  They are quick to multiple.  After about 4 years, I have an entire section of them in my lily bed.  I think that they might have to be some dividing going on in the fall.

Here are a few other day lily drawings that I did last year when I started this project.

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Rose Welty said...

So happy to see you reviving this project Jan!