Monday, March 5, 2012

Down to the picky parts...

No, I haven't fallen off the end of the earth.  Just been busy with other things.   Sometimes, life yanks you back down to reality.

This is my latest work.  Last summer, I attended the NC powwow at the museum of history.  The native Americans of NC were well represented.  There was a Chief's walk which was a kind of dance and prayer asking for wisdom.  This is the Cherokee chief (maybe?).    I loved his ceremonial dress - so much color.  You can't tell it from my work, but all that white area was actually beaded.  I'll bet this weighed a good thirty pounds when worn.

This is a larger piece.  It's going to work out to about 18 inches tall and maybe 15 or 16 inches wide.

I'm still working on the picky parts.  I fixed the studs on his belt after I took this shot.  I noticed that the middle ones were out of line.  I've added a bit more highlights to some areas. It's just those final touches.
I plan on entering this in the CPSA International Competition.

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