Monday, June 15, 2009

Remembering Molly

Molly passed on early this morning. She was the happiest dog I've ever known. She had been with us about 6 years.

She had been abandon at a gas station close to my house. She barely weighed 50 lbs and she was not a small dog. I brought her home and with some food and love, she regained her health. She loved to run. She would rather run than eat. She chased squirrels and was a better mole catcher than the cats. If you were going for a walk or run, Molly went with you. She knew a few commands - she could sit and give you five. She loved the water too. I'm not sure what breed she was, but probably had some Chow or Newfoundland in her.

I don't know exactly how old she was, but probably around 10 or 12. I'm glad we were able to give her a good home for some of her life.

Be happy and run free Molly.

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Christine said...

Jan, I am really sorry about your great loss! Loosing our pets is never easy. Be comforted though that you gave this precious dog some good years filled with love and play. We also took in a stray border collie. He is getting older and we can tell he is nearing the end of his life..possibly this year or next. The thought is heart wrenching. I sympathize with you and wish you well!!