Tuesday, June 2, 2009


We are "cat-a-tonic" these days. My husband's cousin died in April and left several cats without a home. We have taken Mickey, shown here and Bronson.

Mickey may not have been Mike's cat, but he was at the house, hungry and had been in a couple of fights. He is such an elegant boy - long legged and very Siamese like. He may be an Oriental or something along those lines.

We took Mickey to the vet after he and Bronson had an argument and Bronson got the best of Mickey by biting his tail! Somebody had taken care of Mick at some time - he was neutered and showed signs of having had minor surgery in the past. The vet thinks he might be between 4 and 6 years old.

He has such a handsome face.

This is Bronson. An instigator and proud of it! When he was at Mikes, he was the low cat in the pecking order. But at our house, he's trying to be in the middle at least. He's already realized that he's not going to be the top cat. Bronson is very playful.

What a clown he is!

We weren't sure that we would keep both of them. We didn't know if they could learn to get along with each other. Plus we lost our 15 year old cat, Ziggy in February. We just were not sure we wanted another cat so soon.

But Mickey and Bronson have moved in now. Cat-a-tonic, that's for sure!

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